Wide World of Travel Blog Web and Graphic Design

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Wiland Media is a medium-sized digital marketing company located in Niwot, CO. Artifact has worked with them over the past two years developing internal tools to assist their team in the management of various digital marketing funnels. They recently launched a new campaign strategy that targets readers of higher-end blogs. They commissioned Artifact to design and develop a very specific style for their first brand, Journeys and Destinations, a travel blog. The website needed to be very clean, photo-centric, and match advertising requirements of their ad partner, American Express.

The landing page locks the featured story’s primary image into the view port, maxing at a 4k resolution. No matter the device of the reader, the landing page will always showcase the featured image in full bleed from top to bottom and left to right. A Journeys and Destinations newsletter runs in parallel with the website and so the website also manages users newsletter subscriptions. We deployed non-obstrusive “sticky” ads on the individual stories maximizing ad exposure without polluting readability.