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Designed with purpose

Give customers reasons to love your brand and buy

You have to show customers that your offering is going to solve one of their problems.

Every interaction is crafted to warm customers to your offering and have them fall in love with your brand along the way. This is why proven design principles and targeted messaging, tied to a strong brand, are instrumental to your website's performance.

The right messaging—your website's copy—can double your business, cut it in half, or wipe you out. It's that important.

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“Artifact became a critical part of my team at Microsoft driving the roadmap for UX/UI development and working very closely with mobile developers and TPMs to leverage customer data and use cases and transform them into features that drove strong outcomes for multiple MS businesses globally.”
Alex Games
Sr. Learning Scientist and Technical Product Manager

Download our checklist of 20 crucial website components we use to convert leads into sales

The Marketing Site Manifest takes the guessing game out of what you need for a high performing marketing website.

Secure Infrastructure, Reliable Expertise

Make your site lightning fast, keep it updated, and keep it secure

Landing that valuable first impression starts with your site loading fast. We've built a custom server configuration tailored for extreme speeds, so your site loads immediately, and hardened security, so that your data is protected.

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Real Support

Never agonize again over looming changes, additions, and improvements that always seem to take more time than they should. Maintenance plans take the burdens of website upkeep off your shoulders so you can focus on your core business.

Your website is monitored 24/7 and backed up, offsite, daily so there's one less thing to worry about. You'll never speak with someone who has no authority or power to fix a problem. One of us is always an email, text, or phone call away.

What's Included

“Artifact has been a comprehensive turnkey solution for us as a startup business. From our design and branding needs to custom workflow software and IT infrastructure; the solutions to our problems have only been a phone call away. Artifact has helped keep our team focused on our core business while they provided the tools we needed.”

Jacob Leis—Co-founder of Wintermind

Digital Marketing Plan

Launch a repeatable, measurable marketing strategy to drive traffic to your site and generate leads

A website can only do its work if it's getting traffic. Identifying the right marketing channels for your business is crucial. From social media, paid advertising, content marketing, and email marketing, we'll help identify what your ideal customers are using and focus marketing efforts there to generate incoming traffic.

Latest Work

ESS Supplier Partner Management Portfolio Display

Enterprise Services Supplier Management Graphic and Web Design

We were tasked with building an interfaced that aggregated all the ESSM dashboards and learning content into a single experience. The main design guidance we were given was make it … Continue reading Enterprise Services Supplier Management Graphic and Web Design

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Sales Excellence Enabler Portfolio Display

Sales Management Interface Development and Design

Tata Consulting wanted to track all of their sales engagement, both active and inactive (historical and prospects). We built a 4k-ready interface that displayed all engagements based on a categorization … Continue reading Sales Management Interface Development and Design

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Gambit Tabletop Megagame Logo Portfolio

Gambit Tabletop Megagame

Gambit Tabletop Megagame is a personal project that Chevas, from Artifact, started as a side hobby. The goal was to create a large, progressive role playing game that would be … Continue reading Gambit Tabletop Megagame

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180 Carpet Cleaning Logo Portfolio Entry

Carpet Cleaning Graphic Design

Ben Graham of 180 Carpet Cleaning recently relocated to Durango, CO and is reestablishing his business, now in the 4 corners market around Durango. With only the name decided, Artifact … Continue reading Carpet Cleaning Graphic Design

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Business Automation

When it's time to scale up, cut costs and increase efficiency by automating your business processes

Reduce the cumbersome labor and hidden costs of manually copying and pasting, updating spreadsheets, and maintaining multiple apps. We build fast, stable web applications that automate your workflows.

The results:

“It really did change our work-lives, for both our jobs. It’s the most useful tool we’ve been given.”

Adrienne G.—Wiland Media

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Download our checklist of 20 crucial website components we use to convert leads into sales

The Marketing Site Manifest takes the guessing game out of what you need for a high performing marketing website.