Wiland: Content Marketing Agency – Blog Website

Photo-centric custom website designed to match a specific design.

Content Marketing Agency – Blog Website Deliverables:

  • Created a unique, custom-built WordPress theme for the client (no templates) that is content-centric showcasing rich visuals and clean typography for maximum user-engagement on the pages
  • Integrated photography with the category engine in WordPress to create eye-popping category selectors to engage users
  • Deployed unobtrusive, responsive, sticky ad containers to retain ads on screen for longer periods of time.
  • Implemented custom fields to allow the client to manage content changes within custom layouts

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Chevas has spent 16 years creating brands, designing SaaS interfaces, developing marketing content, and providing UI/UX consulting, for enterprise and technical products for a wide range of businesses including Microsoft, Form.io, and The Flyover. Good marketing begins with a good product.