Agile Health: Healthcare B2B Website Design

Cohesive web, print collateral, and PDF case study branding and design.

Agile Health is a healthcare technology company that enables providers to better engage their participants and encourage healthier behaviors among participants through sophisticated messaging capabilities, behavior change programs, and coaching.

Healthcare B2B Website Design Deliverables:

  • Unique, custom-built WordPress theme for the client (no templates), so that their brand experience would stand out from the rest.
  • Interactive web illustration that showcases product scenarios enabling leads to better understand the client’s offer.
  • Mobile responsive design to ensure a positive experience on all devices.
  • Vector-based illustrations that bring life to the web experience and clarify offerings.
  • Showcase of outcomes and case studies that highlights the client’s thought leadership in the industry.
  • Case study design, print media design, and convention asset design

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