Wordout App: AI-Driven B2B Marketing SaaS App – Phase 1

How do you go from no design, to in production in 7 days? Deliver the design in code.

Michael Guimarin
Co-Founder, WordOut

Joshua Lisec
Co-Founder, WordOut

WordOut is a 2023 startup founded by Joshua Lisec and Michael Guimarin. Joshua is the author of So Good They Call You A Fake, and is the world’s #1 Ghostwriter having authored over 80 books for entrepreneurs.

Michael is a B2B +B2C leader, investor, and engineer who has driven more than $50M ARR. Both are professional marketers who saw an AI-gap in marketing and decided to co-found WordOut, The Best Way to Get the Word Out.

By leveraging Large Language Models, WordOut trains itself on the user’s written voice as content is added over time. The app organizes user-generated content and allows the user to transform it into new content using the AI LLM. It then schedules and publishes that content to various social platforms, email platforms, and blogging platforms.

WordOut tracks the genealogy of AI-generated content as well as a publishing record for each asset in the library.

WordOut is targeted to agency owners and content marketers who must produce volumes of content for their clients in a consistent, branded voice, unique to each client.

The founders commissioned Artifact to move WordOut beyond a rough, MVP design into something that was intuitive, on brand, fast, and a delight to use.

For the first phase, they had us tackle the asset library and managing content imports. The founders were on a short timeline to have something ready before their next outreach event. Artifact produced the mobile-responsive designs, in code, in 3 days, and the new design was in production within 1 week.

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