Data Governance Platform

Complete brand, messaging, website, and strategy refresh that 2X'ed organic traffic, 10X'ed CTA clicks, and established their data governance platform brand recognition. is a standardized, enterprise-wide, technology strategy that governs all form and data management requirements and is scalable, extensible, configurable, unopinionated, and fully embedded as a data governance platform.

Artifact is a strategy partner with and plays a key role in their ongoing marketing campaigns, sales process refinement, design language and brand development, asset creation, content writing, and social media development.

Wordout App: AI-Driven B2B Marketing SaaS App – Phase 1

How do you go from no design, to in production in 7 days? Deliver the design in code.

WordOut is a 2023 startup founded by Joshua Lisec and Michael Guimarin. Joshua is the author of So Good They Call You A Fake, and is the world’s #1 Ghostwriter having authored over 80 books for entrepreneurs.

Michael is a B2B +B2C leader, investor, and engineer who has driven more than $50M ARR. Both are professional marketers who saw an AI-gap in marketing and decided to co-found WordOut, The Best Way to Get the Word Out.

The founders commissioned Artifact to move WordOut beyond a rough, MVP design into something that was intuitive, on brand, fast, and a delight to use.

Lettercast: Web App Development And Branding

Reducing the cost of sending email newsletters by 67% with this web app development.

Wiland was sending daily newsletters to millions of readers through 30+ different brands. Relevant news stories are aggregated and packaged into a newsletter for each brand—a time-consuming process.

On average, each newsletter required 8-11 minutes to prepare. The client asked us to come up with a solution to reduce the time cost of the laborious process—most of which was done by hand with copying and pasting HTML.

View this project to download the case study to see how we did it.

AdaptiveMail: Enterprise SaaS Design & Marketing

Attracting investors and improving demo experiences with enterprise SaaS Design

Get enterprise-level branding and product design for your enterprise SaaS.

AdaptiveMail is an internal email platform intended for enterprise organizations. Its proprietary targeting, list-building, and ranking system enable enterprises to automate email campaigns based on numerous employee demographics.

With a functional prototype, they needed to elevate the user experience to make it demo ready. In addition, they needed a brand that better represented their product and improved messaging on their website and pitch decks.

Dreamstate: Digital Board Game Branding SaaS

Building a board game so big it had to go digital and pushing the limits of UI/UX by converting vector assets into web-based CSS to boost performance.

Visualize your passion project’s so you can crowd fund it and make your dream a reality.

Dreamstate Tabletop Megagame is an ongoing passion project based on two premises:

  • How do you design a tabletop roleplaying game that doesn’t require pen and paper?
  • Appropriate for kids, but fun for adults

The no-pen-and-paper design restriction has brought about a number of innovations that aren’t present in tabletop RPGs or board games.

Most assets are hand-drawn illustrations, vector illustrations, and thousands of lines of CSS to create a board game experience of an RPG, online.

Consol: SaaS Design & Development, Branding, Press Kit

Designing and building a productivity SaaS app, marketing funnel, and

Consol is a web-based productivity and chat SaaS app for personal and team projects. It was designed with the purpose of enabling users to see as much data as possible, see different content types placed together in context, and provide a customizable organization system driven by a hierarchy of tags.

Its foundational design philosophy is based on data density, specifically information scent—the data you can see leaves a “scent” you can follow.  When implemented, user engagement and the speed of information retrieval increases.

Healthmine: B2B Healthcare Administration Dashboard

Tabular data in a longform style dashboard to minimize clicks.