Kirby Bates Associates: B2B Marketing Agency Recruiting Website Design

How KBA grew their revenue by 3x by upgrading their website, rebuilding their job listing management system, and designing a website targeted to their audience.

Kirby Bates Associates is a Healthcare Leadership recruiting company that specializes in placing healthcare executives in permanent and interim positions within hospitals and other professional care organizations.

B2B Marketing Agency: Recruiting Website Design Deliverables

Technical Upgrade

  • Rebuilt the website backend to accommodate the management of job postings and receive job applications, alongside the primary marketing website, so that they could cut the cost of managing two websites
  • Gave them peace of mind by enabling them to rely on our expertise of migrating the job postings data from the auxiliary database into the same database as the website
  • Enabled automated backups that can be restored with the click of a button, so they never have to worry about data loss
  • Empowered internal team members to manage content by developing easy-to-use fields and written procedures that any average computer user could follow so they could reduce reliance on website change expenditures.
  • Increased the flow of job applicants by developing a Candidate section
  • Streamlined contact form management so they would never miss an important notification

B2B Recruiting Web Design Lead Generation

  • Deployed an entire system of lead capture that enables their team to generate new gated content such as case studies and lead magnets, and showcase them on any pages , also reducing expenditure on outside website development
  • Integrated lead capture with Mailchimp so that warm leads were automatically placed into email drip campaigns
  • Created 4 funnels, one for each line of service, that led users to contact the appropriate leader over each service line
  • Offered lead magnets on the landing page and service pages, increasing warm lead generation

B2B Copywriting

  • Identified their two audiences and created clear distinctions which eliminated user confusion
  • Rewrote everything into benefits language with specific statements about how Kirby Bates solves their specific problems so that their leads were already warmed when they contacted Kirby Bates

Social Proof

  • Showcased the logos of their best clients
  • Added existing metrics that weren’t being showcased on the old site
  • Deployed a blog with clean URLs to begin content marketing
  • Highlighted industry awards

Web Design

  • Improved visitor duration by implementing clean typography that improved readability
  • Redesigned all service line icons to signal quality and expertise within Kirby Bates
  • Properly sectioned content into manageable chunks to increase user engagement
  • Selected stock photography that resonated with their target audience
  • Mobile responsive design so that mobile users have a painless experience

In addition, Artifact also provides KBA premium managed hosting.

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