Osyte: Fintech Marketing Website

Rebranding and re-messaging a fintech marketing website for the express purpose of securing $1.4M in funding, which they did.

Market Research Client
Charles Anselm
Co-Founder & CEO, Osyte.com

Market Research Client
Sellappa Gopalaswamy
Co-Founder & CTO, Osyte.com

Osyte is the only multi-asset portfolio management SaaS platform that works at scale. With their MVP out the door, they needed to secure their next round of funding to continue developing the platform and acquire new customers.

They commissioned Artifact to get to the heart of their value propositions, update the messaging of the website to reflect those, and refresh the visual style (but retaining their existing logo) to give a strong impression to investors. Our work was a direct factor in helping them land $1.4M in additional funding at the end of 2023.


  • Executed the Foundations System to develop the messaging strategy and content through qualitative market research of competitors, competitor feedback, customer feedback, customer interviews, ads, and other sources.
  • Rewrote the landing pages to telegraph their value propositions and persuade users to book a demo.
  • Refreshed the visual design to reflect a clean, modern experience.
  • Created a number of vector illustrations for use on the website and in their collateral.

The new website is a really nice upgrade [informed by the market research]. You shared earlier and there are so many good sections here. More specifically – I love the problem section ‘Death by a 1,000 cuts.’

I also really like ‘The thing nobody talks about’. Brings up the fear of making a big mistake and shows our market knowledge.

There is so much goodness here and you’ve spent more time on this than anyone.”
—Paul Stiff, Advisor/Product Management

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