Form.io: Data Governance Platform

Complete brand, messaging, website, and strategy refresh that 2X'ed organic traffic, 10X'ed CTA clicks, and established their data governance platform brand recognition.

Gary Wetzel
Founding CEO, Form.io

Heather Hornor
VP of Product, Form.io

Form.io is a standardized, enterprise-wide, technology strategy that governs all form and data management requirements and is scalable, extensible, configurable, unopinionated, and fully embedded as a data governance platform.

Artifact is a strategy partner with Form.io and plays a key role in their ongoing marketing campaigns, sales process refinement, design language and brand development, asset creation, content writing, and social media development.


  • Executed the Foundations System to develop the messaging strategy and content through qualitative market research of competitors, competitor feedback, customer feedback, customer interviews, ads, and other sources.
  • Created numerous vector illustrations for key features and concepts
  • Redesigned the marketing website, created visual accompaniments, and implemented sales mechanisms on various landing pages.
  • Rebuilt the website in WordPress and provide premium managed hosting
  • Authored every blog post that drove a measurable increase in organic traffic
  • Authored case studies, formatted them as high quality PDFs, and positioned them as downloadable lead magnets
  • Produced featurette videos / animated GIFs of specific platform features
  • Manage their social media accounts and posts on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Redesigned the front end of their open source offering in code.
  • Produce creatives for social media posts and ad campaigns
  • Provide ongoing consulting on their primary pitch deck they use on sales calls, new funnels and marketing campaigns, and work directly with their ad management team.

You ran circles around the last person that tried to help us, despite their experience working at Google.
—Travis Tidwell, Founding CTO, Form.io

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