MidwayPlus: B2B eCommerce Marketplace

Visual brand, messaging, website, and strategy refresh that's multiplied leads by 3X.

MidwayPlus is a B2B eCommerce marketplace platform that enables manufacturers to sell direct to their resellers in more volume and at higher martins without increasing their overhead and operates as an alternative or supplement to wholesale distribution so that manufacturers can expand their sales channels.

Artifact’s provides MidwayPlus new strategies and ongoing sales, marketing, and lead generation that has increased their booked sales calls from 1 every few months to several per month.

B2B Marketing Website Client
Brian Lounsberry
CEO & Co-Founder, MidwayPlus

B2B Marketing Website Client
Greg Atkins
COO, CISO, & Co-Founder, MidwayPlus

Form.io: Data Governance Platform

Complete brand, messaging, website, and strategy refresh that 2X'ed organic traffic, 10X'ed CTA clicks, and established their data governance platform brand recognition.

Form.io is a standardized, enterprise-wide, technology strategy that governs all form and data management requirements and is scalable, extensible, configurable, unopinionated, and fully embedded as a data governance platform.

Artifact is a strategy partner with Form.io and plays a key role in their ongoing marketing campaigns, sales process refinement, design language and brand development, asset creation, content writing, and social media development.

Gary Wetzel
Founding CEO, Form.io

Heather Hornor
VP of Product, Form.io

The Texas Flyover: Email Newsletter Design

Building the first sub-brand, website, and email newsletter design for the newest extension of The Flyover Newsletter.

Approaching the 1 year anniversary of The Flyover and it’s success, The Flyover organization approached Artifact to help with the expansion into a Texas-branded newsletter.

Sutter Homes Co: B2C Logo Refresh – Rebranding Your Business

Refresh your logo and brand when your business reaches the point where image matters.

Sutter Homes Co is a Net Zero, custom home builder in the Durango, CO and 4 Corners area that specializes in building high-end, energy-efficient homes.

They commissioned a new logo and brand to better reflect their building science expertise and the quality of their product and service. In addition, they needed a website that could accommodate significant amounts of data around residential development communities, properties within each community, and the ability to manage changing content.

Osyte: Fintech Marketing Website

Rebranding and re-messaging a fintech marketing website for the express purpose of securing $1.4M in funding, which they did.

Osyte commissioned Artifact to get to the heart of their value propositions, update the messaging of the website to reflect those, and refresh the brand to give a strong impression to investors. Our work was a direct factor in helping them land $1.4M in additional funding at the end of 2023. View the before and after below.

Market Research Client
Charles Anselm
Co-Founder & CEO, Osyte.com

Market Research Client
Sellappa Gopalaswamy
Co-Founder & CTO, Osyte.com

NIL-Wire: National Sports Newsletter Brand

Designing a standout national sports newsletter brand fitting for the collegiate NIL audience

Artifact was commissioned to:

  • Design a standout brand and identity fitting for a collegiate sports audience
  • Provide a brand style guide for stakeholders and marketers to adhere to, and
  • Build the HTML email newsletter with high deliverability

Guidance we were given was to use bright colors without fully committing to the Neubrutalism style that’s recently grown in popularity.

4 Corners Aeroseal & Insulation: Service Business Website

Direct response landing pages in an ad funnel for conversions on a service business website.

Wordout App: AI-Driven B2B Marketing SaaS App – Phase 1

How do you go from no design, to in production in 7 days? Deliver the design in code.

WordOut is a 2023 startup founded by Joshua Lisec and Michael Guimarin. Joshua is the author of So Good They Call You A Fake, and is the world’s #1 Ghostwriter having authored over 80 books for entrepreneurs.

Michael is a B2B +B2C leader, investor, and engineer who has driven more than $50M ARR. Both are professional marketers who saw an AI-gap in marketing and decided to co-found WordOut, The Best Way to Get the Word Out.

The founders commissioned Artifact to move WordOut beyond a rough, MVP design into something that was intuitive, on brand, fast, and a delight to use.

Michael Guimarin
Co-Founder, WordOut

Joshua Lisec
Co-Founder, WordOut

The Flyover: National Email Newsletter Business

Building the brand and HTML template behind this national email newsletter business with 500,000+ subscribers.

Artifact was commissioned to design a visual identity and brand around their name, build a number of marketing assets, and most importantly the HTML template for their daily newsletter, which must meet high deliverability standards across numerous email platforms and interfaces.

Cascade Xpress Carwash Website

Designing a logo and brand based on precise requirements and driving the carwash website to the #1 Google search result for "Durango Carwash" and #1 local result with the most reviews

What do you do when the stakeholder asks that you design a bright, cartoon styled logo with rocks, a cascading waterfall, and evergreen trees? You do just that.

Lettercast: Web App Development And Branding

Reducing the cost of sending email newsletters by 67% with this web app development.

Wiland was sending daily newsletters to millions of readers through 30+ different brands. Relevant news stories are aggregated and packaged into a newsletter for each brand—a time-consuming process.

On average, each newsletter required 8-11 minutes to prepare. The client asked us to come up with a solution to reduce the time cost of the laborious process—most of which was done by hand with copying and pasting HTML.

View this project to download the case study to see how we did it.

1st ASAP: Online Course Website & Brand

Building a custom online course website that met state law requirements for continuing education

Of all the embedded course platforms we looked at, none could deliver the settings and configurations of courses that various states require for insurance continuing education. Our solution was to build a custom online course website in WordPress.

Read the full Technical Requirements Document.

Nucamp: B2C SaaS Brand & Digital Marketing Strategy

Helping build a funnel that booked $4.6M in revenue in 6 months.

Build a brand that your audience will love and landing page offers that convert.

Nucamp Coding Bootcamp came in as a disruptor into the Coding Bootcamp space in 2016-2017 by delivering instructor-led coding bootcamps, at scale, with classroom sizes limited to 15 students. This was achieved through automation software that matched instructors with students.

In 2020, they experienced significant growth and needed a rebrand and optimizations across all parts of the funnel, including website, landing pages, email nurturing campaigns, ads, social media, affiliate marketing programs, and lead magnets.

Pop Acta: B2B Brand Refresh – Rebranding Strategy

Implementing a rebranding strategy for a company post-merger that's categorically divergent and still rallies everyone.

Bolster your business vision with brand power that sticks in the minds of your audience so they keep coming back to you.

  • Refreshed the existing logo & brand from a clean slate into strong, bold colors, and thick type weights to maximize brand change impact
  • Created on-brand event and pricing collateral and corporate website so that the business comes to mind at every touch point with partners and clients

“Your stuff is gold first time every time. I like living in a world where we can lean into the boldest choices. It’s always more fun defending a dangerous decision than it is to be ignored for something safe.” —Jacob Leis, Pop Acta CEO

Vaulted: B2C Website Design and Marketing

Rebuilding a drupal website in WordPress from the ground up, migrating blog data, and polishing the design

Having been stuck on Drupal for years with few technical resource options to support them, we were able to keep their website updated in the interim while we rebuilt the website in WordPress.

By switching to WordPress, Vaulted estimated they cut their content and website maintenance costs by over 75%.